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Tank containers

If you are planning to carry a moderate party of liquid chemical products (especially hazardous and/or requiring initial or pre-discharge heating) and the merchant in the country of destination has the necessary storage tanks to receive the cargo, you should consider tank container carriage as the most profitable way of carriage. 

A tank container is a tank made of stainless steel, with the volume of 12000-35000 liters, in a metal frame, conforming to ISO standard 20-ty or 30-ty feet containers, with a closing valves and a heating system. 

A tank container is transported in the same way and using the same types of transport, as standard containers but it allows you to carry over 30%-50% more cargo in one container as compared to the transportation in barrels using standard containers. Tank container carriage excludes the use of packages (barrels, IBC’s) for transportation, what makes it as ecologically safe as possible, apart from the obvious economy of package costs and the number of operations with it. It is also important that the product will not be cross pumped into another type of transport (tare) during its transportation — the entire process of “door-to-door” delivery is made in one tank- meaning that the quality and the quantity of cargo, discharged by the receiver, and the quality and the quantity of cargo, loaded by you, are equal. 

Ukrspetscontainer LLC is an agent in Ukraine of one of the leading tank container operators in the world — VOTG Tanktainer GmbH, Germany, and that gives an opportunity of shipping liquid products in tank containers all over the world.

We will be glad to provide you with any additional information and calculate the price of tank container carriage of a cargo. To receive carriage price calculation please fill in an inquiry or contact our sales department in any convenient way: by e-mail ,fax or telephone.

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